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audio-technica atm350a

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Audio-Technica has reengineered its ATM350 cardioid condenser to bring us the ATM350a. What’s the difference? Performance-wise, the SPL handling goes up 10dB to endure an ear-crushing 159dB. A new in-line power module incorporates a switchable 80Hz high-pass filter to help control unwanted low end rumble.

All ATM350a models come with a zip up protective carry case. Unique mounting options are available including a rubber spring-loaded drum mount which clamps to a drum’s tension rod. There’s also a woodwind mount with an adjustable Velcro fastener strap attaching just above the instrument bell, a magnetic piano mount which attaches to a piano’s cast iron frame, a universal clip-on mount with rubber-lined metal clamping jaws and locking screw, a Velcro violin mount, and 125mm or 175mm mini gooseneck options.

In Australia prices range from $599 for the ATM350aU (125mm gooseneck, violin and universal mounts) to $629 for the ATM350aD (175mm gooseneck, violin and drum mounts).

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