Published On May 15, 2012 | News


Argosy is a US-based company that specializes in studio and technical furniture. Its range of desks that are designed to hold mixing consoles and outboard gear have become so popular that Argosy can afford to create and sell units aimed at particular mixers. So, for example, it has a model specifically for Avid C24 consoles, Tascam DM3200 and DM4800 mixers, and the SSL Nucleus–and that’s just to name a few. A more recent addition to its range is an Argosy G-Series desk custom-designed to house one or more Presonus Studio Live consoles, which is a kind of testament to how much of the market Presonus is grabbing with its Studio Live series. However, as we snooped deeper into the Argosy website in a never-ending pursuit of journalistic integrity we stumbled across this new model.

It’s called the Argosy Aura 520 Sit-Stand and it’s a more generic style of studio workstation desk that–yep, the legs are motorized. If your guest sound engineer prefers to stand while they mix or they’re just generally too close to the ground thanks to short genes, at the flick of a switch the height of the desk, mixing console and 14 RU space of outboard processing mounts (7 a side with an optional 11 extra on top) can be lowered or raised to suit even to a point where an operator can comfortably stand behind the mixer. There’s no mention whether the motorized legs can be fitted to any of the other specialized desks, but we’re sure that if you asked nicely… It gives a whole new meaning to the request, “can you lift the mix a little overall?” Check out

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