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hk audio linear 3 series

Linear 3 is HK Audio’s new series of active speakers designed to deliver high definition sound for bands and DJs. The first members of the Linear 3 family are the 12-inch L3 112 FA, the 15-inch L3 115 FA, and the multi-purpose L3 112 XA which can function as both an FOH top box or an on-stage monitor. The mid/high units offer plenty of headroom thanks to their 1200W Class D amps. Intelligent multi-band limiters keep the frequency spectrum at its optimum response at every volume level, and precision directivity aims the sound straight for your audience and not the walls.

The Linear subwoofers, including the brand new 15-inch L Sub 1500 A and 18-inch L Sub 1800 A, are perfect pairings for the Linear 3 mid/high boxes. The new subs are each equipped with a stereo input so they can be configured in half stacks, full stacks, 2.1 setups, and in mono sub clusters.

Alexander Wollenberg, HK Audio’s Product Manager, said: “Whether you’re a PA system expert or prefer to focus entirely on giving your best possible performance, Linear 3 gives you optimal results in seconds thanks to our groundbreaking technology, a bunch of logical yet innovative design features, and made-in-Germany quality. Plus, if you need an extra dose of thumping low-end power, the new Linear Sub basses are the perfect add-on.”

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