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keith mcmillen k-board pro 4 mpe controller

Keith McMillen Instruments’ new MPE-compatible K-Board Pro 4 comes pretty close to being a direct competitor to the Roli Seaboard. It’s a four-octave MIDI controller with multiple dimensions of control and touch sensitivity in each key. Keith McMillen says, “We wanted to reclaim all of the powerful synth parameters that you can rarely access in performance and put them under your fingertips where you can play the heck out of them. Start with the familiarity of the classic keyboard and make it more responsive to take advantage of multidimensional expressivity.” The keys on the K-Board Pro 4 are made from a patented Smart Sensor Fabric silicone material, each of which independently outputs touch-sensitive XYZ data that can be mapped to any parameter. The keybed consists of discrete keys, unlike the Seaboard which is more of a continuous ribbon-like keywave. The K-Board Pro 4 Kickstarter project has exceeded its target, so we should see the product start shipping late 2017.

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