Published On March 15, 2017 | News, Production

output analog strings

Output has released its latest virtual instrument called Analog Strings. It’s designed to do more than your average sampled strings library, instead drawing on both sampled and synthesised string sounds to create a diverse palette of tones. The instrument’s ‘ingredients’ consist of two string orchestras, some rare vintage synths, and unconventional elements for sound design. Analog Strings lets you blend these sounds together to create a unique starting point. The software engine includes advanced modulation routing, dual tape loopers, dual arpeggiators, flux sequencing, and four macro sliders for creating truly unique yet usable string-based sounds covering a variety of textures. Analog Strings comes with a 39GB sound library and 500 presets — more than enough to keep you busy for a while. Analog Strings runs within Native Instruments Kontakt and supports the NKS standard. A free download of Kontakt Player is included, along with Output’s 14-day guarantee. The software is currently going for US$199.

Output: www.output.com

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