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presonus quantum front and back

Quantum is Presonus’s new 26×32 Thunderbolt2 audio interface. Taking full advantage of Thunderbolt’s high transfer speeds, Presonus says Quantum offers extremely low latency and expandable I/O. Its 26 inputs are comprised of eight built-in XMAX remote-controllable mic preamps and two sets of ADAT Optical inputs. Two TRS main outputs are complemented with an additional eight balanced line outputs, plus 16 Optical outs and two pairs of headphone sends on the front of the unit. Further expandability comes by stacking up to four Quantum units via Thunderbolt for a maximum of 96 inputs and outputs. BNC word clock I/O keeps things in sync, plus you get five-pin MIDI and S/PDIF I/O. Audio quality reaches to 24-bit/192k and Quantum integrates tightly with Presonus Studio One for enhanced functionality such as recallable mic pre settings. Quantum’s onboard features can also be controlled using Presonus’s free UC Surface control software for remote access.

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  1. Steve says:

    Can the quantum be paired with an 1818 Vsl for additional input options via my daw(Cubase7.5). I currently run the 1818vs with an 8 ch adat rack unit. If the Vsl can run secondary to the Vsl do they connect as adat or pair via USB or something else. Thanks.

    • Mitch says:

      From what I’ve heard – it looks as though you’d be able to connect these via ADAT, the only thing at that point is that you wont’ be getting 192kHz of course. I currently use the 1818VSL (which I’ve connected via ADAT a few times before) – and will be looking to add a Quantum to the mix as my main interface, and using the VSL for additional inputs as well (since I won’t be recording at 192kHz often).

      I can’t verify this 100%, but from everything I’ve seen – doing this shouldn’t be a problem.

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