Published On June 13, 2017 | News, Production

roli seaboard block

Roli has mashed both Blocks and Seaboard products together to form… Seaboard Block. Featuring the same multidimensional polyphonic expressiveness of the original Seaboard, Seaboard Block presents itself in a small package that adds another level of interaction to the Blocks experience. Sporting a two-octave keywave that resembles a miniature Seaboard Rise, it’s totally modular and expandable for ultimate flexibility. You can connect two or three Seaboard Blocks together to make on long Rise-like playable surface, or you can mix and match Seaboard Block with Lightpad Blocks to build your own instrument. Seaboard Block comes with Equator Player and Blocks Dashboard for desktop functionality and DAW integration. You even get an additional six free sound-packs in the Noise app. Expect to pay $459 in Australia for the Roli Seaboard Block.

In addition to the existing Block modules, Roli also launched Touch Block. The same size as Live Block and Loop Block, Touch Block lets you adjust in real-time the expressive behaviour of the Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block interfaces, a bit like an assignable MIDI CC controller.

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