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BALI, INDONESIA - JUNE 14: Presentation of traditional balinese Women Kecak Fire Dance on JUNE 14, 2014 on Bali. Kecak (also known as Ramayana Monkey Chant) is very popular cultural show on Bali.

Looking for something new and exciting? Have a sense of adventure? Interested in the music of other cultures? Greg Simmons, AudioTechnology’s Founding Editor, is planning three educational sound recording expeditions in Bali for May 2017 with an emphasis on recording gamelan and kecak.

Using Ubud as a home base, each 11-day expedition will branch out to explore a different musical region on the island. Participants can choose to do one, two or all three expeditions. The scheduled dates are:

  • Expedition 1: 1st to 11th May
  • Expedition 2: 11th to 21st May
  • Expedition 3: 21st to 31st May

Recordings could take place in studios, palaces, temples and even outdoors. Before each recording, Greg Simmons will explain his microphone choice and placement and the outcomes he hopes to achieve. Contributions from participants are always welcomed, and experimentation is encouraged. A review is held after each session to discuss how closely the recording came to meeting the intended outcomes, and how the techniques could have been improved.

Since 2004 Greg has spent considerable time on location recording the music of other cultures and has gathered considerable experience. He’s also taken over 80 people on his educational recording expeditions through Nepal, India, Tibet, Thailand, Borneo and Myanmar, so he’s no stranger to leading groups through these fascinating but challenging cultures and terrains.

“My group recording expeditions combine a passion for music and recording with a sense of adventure and a desire for escapism. They’re challenging enough to be highly rewarding, but they’re not too difficult”, Greg says. “They’re also highly educational, not only from a recording point of view but also from a life point of view; rather than taking snapshots through the window of a tourist bus, you’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet… and recording them!”

For further information, contact Greg Simmons via email or check out the website:

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