Published On June 13, 2013 | News


More from Soundcraft, which has announced a new option card in the ViSi Connect series of expansions for the Si Expression, Si Compact and Si Performer consoles, providing users with a multi-channel, multi-format interface for live and studio recording to DAWs and other recording systems. Called the Multi Digital card, it provides 32 output channels (fed from the console channel direct outputs or other feeds) and 32 input channels for playback/monitoring from the recording system. The card has connections for USB and FireWire, plus another eight channels of ADAT interface on TOSLINK optical connectors. A second FireWire port allows the connection of an external hard disk, rather than using the computer’s internal hard drive. The card also allows expansion of inputs and outputs to the console as any of the ports can be used to connect external equipment such as multichannel mic preamps or audio interfaces which have USB, FireWire or ADAT connections. Soundcraft has developed an application note and set of simple guides which can be viewed on the Soundcraft website at


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