Published On June 13, 2017 | News, Recording/Mixing

tc electronic reverb twentyfour

TC Electronic has released a new reverb unit that handles a whopping 24 channels. Aptly named Reverb TwentyFour, the 19-inch rack unit retains the quality and low degree inter-channel correlation of the Reverb 8 but offers more processing channels.

“We wanted to build an ambitious reverb unit, that points to the future, while keeping the pragmatic present in mind,” says Thomas Valter, Director of Product Management at TC Electronic. “Naturally, controlling 24 channels of reverb is a far more complex task than simple stereo or 5.1 mixing. But we’ve gone to great lengths to guarantee full, yet simple control over all the channels as well as hundreds of parameters, in an interface that won’t disrupt the established workflow of audio professionals.”

Reverb TwentyFour is equipped with MADI connections and you can send any 24 of the 64 MADI channels to and from the three onboard reverb engines. TC has ensured the reverb properties let you render down from high channel formats with grace, without introducing phasing artefacts or altering the balance of the mix. In addition, the Power Correction feature saves you having to re-trim the balance between the direct sound and the reverb while mix changes are being done. This lets you spend more time experimenting with radical decay time settings and do last minute mix changes while leaving the overall levels of the mix consistent.

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